Controlled Chaos

Lately I find myself wanting to reflect about the meaning of cycling.

I know near to nothing, technically, about the mechanics of cycling. I wish I could tell you how to fix this or that problem. I may be able to assist in changing a tire, but even there I have limited experience. I know nearly nothing about my ride, but I know HOW to ride.

Tomorrow I’ll jump on my bicycle and ride to nowhere with no one telling me to ride, just for the hell of it. Just for the experience of the uncertainty (Will I get a flat? Do I have enough room? Will I make this light? Can I go just a little farther? Is there any way to give this ride a sense of closure?). As I ride and weave and dodge,  all of my thoughts slow. My immediate decisions are more important than the worries and stresses of the day or week and my mind relaxes as my reflexes take over. I ride and slowly the thoughts of the day return one by one, for fear that I may need my senses to advert danger, and I’m able to sift my way through my problems and troubles a little more easily.

So my technical experience is lacking. To some all of this may sound like gibberish, but I hope others may understand what I’m getting at. There is something to cycling which everyone can enjoy whether they know what all of the parts of a bicycle are called or not. It’s the Experience that’s important and Experience is subjective. Keep your eyes and mind open out there.


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