Juxtaposed Cities (Street Art and Graffiti in Chicago and Kansas City)

When I started riding in Chicago I discovered one of my favorite things was riding without a set destination. On my days off I would ride for hours on end stopping here and there when I’d find a spot that caught my eye. I wasn’t very particular. Some spots had wonderful views and others had paint thrown up on a wall in a way that I couldn’t help but stop and look. It was interesting to realize that someone had stopped in that very spot and taken the time to paint or post something that they thought someone else would enjoy. Most of the things I took photos of I enjoyed, while others I took photos of because they were simply an imprint of another person’s existence. Cycling can be a humbling experience for this very reason. Many lives are being lived in any city and from a bicycle you have a front row view.

When I went for my first “free-ride” through Kansas City I soon realized that it wasn’t too different from Chicago. There was still evidence sprawled across the city that people lived here who wanted to communicate to those who wandered with an open eye. I traveled from the Plaza area around the Kansas City Art Institute through downtown to the River Market over to the West Bottoms and back. Along my way I found gorgeous scenery and an abundance of art throughout the city. This is a post showing how, if you look close enough, you can gain a similar experience riding around KC as you can around most other major cities. As I said before I took these photos because I enjoyed the images and I hope you do as well.
(Also this is a way for me to escape the winter weather as all of these photos were taken during far more desirable seasons.)


I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend in Chicago. It was my first opportunity to explore a city and being there with very few friends gave me the motivation to strike up a passionate relationship with my bicycle. A relationship which, though I’ve moved on to my second bike, will never be out done. I have learned to look at the details in a way I had never done before. Now in Kansas City I try to carry on that way of living and it has most definitely paid off.

Kansas City…

I hope to have a more recent photo essay posted in the near future. In all honesty I haven’t been out for an all day “free-ride” since summer. As I said before I’m hoping this blog will give me the motivation to get out more (This weather isn’t making it any easier for sure). I hope ya’ll are doing well as the winter weather moves in and I hope to see you out there on the streets.

Take care!


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  1. Michael! Thanks for sharing your photos. It was fun seeing images that were recognizable around Kansas City. Your article made me want to go out on a photo day with my camera and my bike!

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