Meet a B-cyclist: Kirsten Gustafson

KirstenKirsten Gustafson starts every morning with a b-cycle ride.

Gustafson, who lives in the Westside and works at Crown Center, usually walks to the station at 19th and Wyandotte and check out a bike to ride to work.

“For anyone that works downtown, they are great and super usable,”Gustafson says. “I can just hop on the bikes and not have to worry about parking, which is a pain to find downtown.”

Gustafson says she used to ride a little bit before becoming an annual member last year, but didn’t like having to worry about the maintenance of her own bike.

“It’s great not having to worry about flat tires, maintaining the gears, etc.” she says.

She acknowledges that some people make comments about the weight of the bikes, but she has never noticed them being a problem.

“They’re not meant to be racing bikes, they’re sturdy and tough–they have to be,” she says.

Since beginning to ride b-cycle about 20 miles a week, Gustafson says in addition to an improved fitness level, she’s started to see Kansas City in a whole new way.

“It’s interesting how things that once felt so far away in a car are actually not that far when you ride your bike,” Gustafson says. “But you have to get out of your car to realize that. It makes you see everything in the city more, and you begin to realize that there are all these great local amenities available that are only a bike ride away.”

Are you a b-cyclist? Want to tell us why you ride? Email and we might pick you as our next featured rider.

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