Rediscovering the joy of riding a bicycle

IMG_3670Kim Jensen had not ridden a bike for 35 years before trying B-cycle this May. Now, the Kansas City B-Cycle B A Winner Contest winner is riding B-cycle multiple times a day. Jensen clocked in a very impressive 95 rides in September.

Jensen, who lives in Liberty and works at the Sheraton at Crown Center, started to ride to get some exercise in after work. “My first ride was a little wobbly but I peddled on,” Jensen says. “I rode around Crown Center and Washington Park as my legs got in shape.”

Jensen, who is 61, purchased an annual membership and took advantage of the senior discount. One of the things he likes about B-cycle is not having to worry about maintenance. “I also don’t live in a place very conducive to riding a bike,”Jensen says. “It’s nice not having to worry about lugging my own bike around.”

Since beginning to use B-cycle, he has noticed an improvement in his health and riding ability. “I’m tackling a few more hills, that’s for sure,” Jensen says.

As part of winning the B A Winner contest, Jensen wins a free annual membership. To sign up for a Kansas City B-cycle membership visit


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