Errands are Less Annoying by Bike!

Shortly after living in midtown, I noticed a personal trend. Commuting from one area of midtown to the next seemed like a chore. There was something about getting in a car and driving five miles or less that seemed unfulfilling. After securing the seatbelt and driving that big hunk of a metal around, it seemed like too much work for going such a small distance. Adding five or ten minutes onto the commute seemed silly and challenging if I was able to find something closer to home. This admittedly kept me from exploring areas of the city other than my own neighborhood. 

Recently I tried biking to 39th Street/KU Med Area to run errands involving the distribution of flyers for some upcoming zine events.  The drive to that area usually seems annoying due to traffic lights and narrow streets. On bike, however, I was surprised to find that the ride seemed quicker, more at ease, and even fun. My friend Jess and I commuted from westport to the 39th street/ KU Med area to hang flyers, and I was shocked at how short the ride was. Going by bike not only seemed faster than car, it also seemed less stressful and annoying. 

Doing errands by bike is now a preference! I just need to figure out how to outfit my bike so it can hold more luggage. (Hint Hint to all the biking engineers). 

Now I am inspired to explore other areas of the city by bike that I normally write-off as being annoyingly out of the way! Because on the bike, things don’t seem out of the way… they seem like refreshing adventures. 

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  1. Agreed! And one of my most favorite things about biking is circumventing the hunt for a parking spot, parking lot, or parking garage. FORGID ABOUD IT. There’s a tree right here. Or this perfectly good “No Parking” sign with a great sturdy pole to lock up on. Well isn’t that ironic? 😉

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