Live Hard! Bike Hard! Be Safe


A memorial to my former roommate Ron Wright

Lately I’ve been thinking about serious things like, life, death, fatalities, and accidents. My roommate and pal, Ron Wright, was in a fatal car accident due to not wearing his seatbelt. It is my first time loosing someone familiar in my life. Along with the grieving process, this brings up a lot of thoughts.

I have been thinking about the dangers involved with biking to and from work, especially my midnight bike ride on Monday nights. Is biking something that puts my life in danger? Should I be more cautious?

Wearing a helmet is like wearing a seatbelt; they can prevent deaths from happening.

I took a bike class recently, and heard the instructor’s story about being hit by a car and getting a concussion. She was wearing a helmet. You may have already made the connection that without her helmet she would have been worse off… possibly dead.

Does this recent encounter with death make me question my decision to bike? Not really.

For one thing, there seems to be fewer fatalities involving bike commuters than car drivers.

Additionally, life is too short to put dreams on hold in favor of safety and caution… of a potential bike accident that may or may not ever happen. Heck, I could get hit by a car while walking across the street.

But Ron’s death reminds me that there are some things worth being safe about. We can take small safety precautions to help protect us from unfortunate accidents. I want all of my friends to get reflectors or bike lights installed before they go night riding. I want them to borrow a helmet if they can’t afford to purchase one right now. I need them to consider the risks they are taking when driving without a seatbelt.

Ron’s death makes me want to live harder. He taught me that life is too short to put dreams on hold.I’m lucky to have met someone who inspired me to live life now, instead of delaying dreams until retirement or until all ducks are lined up in a row. Some risk taking is necessary to get from one point to the next.   But sometimes a small safety precaution such a helmet can make all the difference in time. Unfortunately, we don’t get an advance notice of when that time is.

Life is short. Live Hard. Bike Hard. Follow Dreams. and be safe.



Ron Wright, 1961-2013

This post is dedicated to my former roommate Ron Wright, who enjoyed biking and walking to and from work, believed in making life changes to follow dreams, and who actively supported me and other housemates as great roommate and loyal friend. We miss you and we love you!


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