Biking > Exercise

Biking is better than exercise. 
Oh, pardon me? Biking IS exercise, you say? 
Well I didn’t notice because I was having so much fun.

You’ll never catch me saying that I’m going to ride my bike for “exercise”. Oh no. That sounds like work. Instead, I say things like, “It’s Taco Tuesday so I’m going to ride my bike to the Boulevard for the el pastor taco special. And then I’ll have to stop at Sunfresh on the way home because I’m out of toilet paper.” After a couple tacos and my trip to the store, I’ve rode 5 miles. 5 easy-going-no-big-deal miles. Meanwhile I enjoyed the smell of grass and the wind in my [helmet] hair. I had the sun on my skin, while my ears strained to hear the birds singing over growling lawn mowers. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So I suggest getting started like this. Keeping it simple. Just ride to work or to the store. Maybe to a friend’s, or brunch, or to school. Incorporating cycling into daily errands and activities is one of the easiest ways to juggle life’s obligations, chew gum, AND exercise simultaneously. It’s what I like to call “sneaky exercise”. Besides, who really has time for the gym everyday? ….Bueller?

After several years of riding, I finally sold the car I didn’t want to drive or pay for and centralized all of my needs into 2 miles. My apartment, school, grocery store, job, and tacos are all within two measly miles. Doing this made my decision to be car free easier. And it IS easy– too easy. Consider your daily destinations. How far away do you live from work? School? The store? Your favorite restaurant?

Saddle up! Or perhaps….just walk? Because nothing is as far as it seems.

And yes. I get off the 2 mile "island" often enough. That's what planes, cabs, and car rentals are for! This is me in the Netherlands using their incredibly extensive bike path.

Of course I get off my 2 mile “island” in Kansas City often enough (that’s what planes, trains, cabs, and car rentals are for).  This is me in the Netherlands riding on one of their incredibly extensive bike paths.


  1. I just found your blog and am catching up on all your posts. I love finding myself at the intersection of Bicycling and Excellent Writing!

    I especially like this piece on bicycling not seeming like exercise. I always say that bicycling is a workout that does not feel like work!

    I look forward to keeping posted on all your posts! Thanks!

    –Kathy B.

  2. Kathy! Thank you for the nice comment. I appreciate you taking the time to say something about my posts, and I am happy to hear that you enjoy them. Ride on!

  3. I do talk about biking as exercise, but in that i would never attempt to exercise otherwise. I like being able to combine health benefits with commuting to work. I could never see myself working out. But biking ,i can do! I know its superficial, but I also like bike tans. haha.

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